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Monday, February 27, 2006

Juried Dinners

Fancy yourself quite the home cook? Step up to our challenge - bring a dish to a potluck dinner, and we shall discuss the highs and lows of your technique. Don't worry, you also get to dish on the fruits of others' labor. We hope to also invite professional chefs and -eek- food critics for a little extra fun.

Keep checking in, drop a line in the comments section if you are interested in subjecting yourself to the torture of scrutiny and a taste of what others care to share.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mailing List

We would love to share information with curious and interested parties, so leave your contact info in the Comments. Also, let us know what you would be interested in in terms of classes, wares, hard-to-find rareties and your preferences:


Top Ten?

For your consideration, what are your Top Ten Tools?

In your kitchen, what are the items that you cannot live without? Leave in comments, and this piece of information, our first attempt at market research, will assist GK in planning for inventory. As a small to mid-sized store, we can't stock everything the box stores can, so we need a well-curated collection.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Books, Magazines

We will feature a good selection of cookbooks and gourmet magazines, new and used. We would like to be able to offer book signings and demonstrations by cookbook authors. It is also important to have a comfortable place to sit and read, enjoy a cup of tea.

Greenpoint Kitchen

Greenpoint Kitchen will be a helpful store for ambitious amateur cooks, owned and operated by ambitious amateur businesspersons, Harry Rosenblum and Taylor Erkkinen.

We are currently seeking locations and information, and hope to be opening a store in September of 2006.

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