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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Top Ten?

For your consideration, what are your Top Ten Tools?

In your kitchen, what are the items that you cannot live without? Leave in comments, and this piece of information, our first attempt at market research, will assist GK in planning for inventory. As a small to mid-sized store, we can't stock everything the box stores can, so we need a well-curated collection.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous diana said...

-dangerously sharp food shears
-smallish cast iron pan
-these giant white cotton dishtowels that erin's mom buys
-The Joy of Cooking
-OXO salad spinner
-round pyrex dish with glass lid (all ovensafe)

I'll keep thinking...

At 6:22 PM, Anonymous crissy said...

okay, this is a way outdated post, but there are no comments so i thought i'd add in my two cents:

(in no particular order):

1) braun handblender with all it's various attachments (whisk, small container for making pesto and turning nuts into nut meal, etc)

2) utensil holders that our friend sabina made us (she's a ceramicist and illustrator) - they're heavy, but ont too big and have animals on them.

3) forever summer by nigella lawson (my most well-used, well-loved cookbook)

4) sanyo rice cooker (it's smallish and has a timing feature)

5) wooden slotted spoons - they're just so handy!

6) "good morning sunshine" tea from the boulder duschanbe teahouse (in boulder, co)

7) "citraliscious" tea by serendipitea out of long island city

8) loose tea filters (because i'm too lazy to use the tea ball) seriously, this is one of my absolute must-haves!

9) wusthof 16cm blade knife

10) kettle - we've got a le creuset one.


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